The Flood & Water Management Act – What does it mean to District Councils?

20 04 2010

You may recall our Technical Bulletin about Sir Michael Pitt’s Review of the Summer 2007 floods.

The Flood and Water Management Bill which incorporates many of Pitt’s recommendations is now law.

But what does this mean to District Councils?-

  • They will have a duty to cooperate with local strategies for managing local flood risk.
  • They will be required to contribute to developing the Map of Flood Risk and Drainage Assets
  • They may have to implement a flood reporting system
  • In addition, local planning policies may be significantly affected by these flood risk strategies

Funding will be allocated on an area basis by DEFRA to the lead authorities, usually the County Councils. The District Council will have to argue their case for resources from limited funds and to prioritize local flooding problems for improvement.

The Stilwell Partnership was actively involved in the early implementation of the Pitt recommendations for Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Our low cost scoping report identified the resources and costs required to meet the requirements of the new Act.

TSP has a number of ex-district council drainage engineers, fully experienced in the development and implementation of flood alleviation schemes for local authorities. Contact us now to discuss your concerns regarding the new Act

Philip Sheppard

Director for Sustainability

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