From Dorset to Fife, Britain’s lollipop army is mobilised to fight to save jobs, and children’s lives:

16 02 2011

Unsettling newspaper articles of this nature appear frequently. They remind us that the UK roads are THE greatest threat to the life and limb of our children.

The article quotes: “In 2009, 12 under-18s died or were seriously injured on UK roads every day – 59% were on foot or bicycle. Although road deaths have been coming down and the UK has the second lowest road death rate in the EU, its child pedestrian death rate is worse than 10 other EU countries, and eight times higher than Sweden’s.”

See the full article at:

Stilwell Road Safety believes there is an alternative approach to improve the road safety education of our children.

Developed over a number of years by independent road safety professionals.

Presented at this year’s RoSPA Road Safety Seminar on 15 February 2011.

A social enterprise, not for profit organisation that empowers the community to promote a culture of road safety in their schools.

Look out for more information about

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