On street parking charges in Surrey: Surrey Chambers of Commerce

4 04 2011

Since before Christmas 2010 Surrey Chambers of Commerce has been in conversation with their members and Surrey County Council concerning the introduction of additional on-street parking across the county.

We fully support the role of the Chamber in this crucial activity. Parking Management and Strategy is recognised as a supporting factor to the growth of businesses in the region. The Stilwell Partnership are specialists in this field having developed and implemented a number of high-profile schemes in Surrey and Hampshire including the Guildford Controlled Parking Zone. In our experience, the pros and cons of additional on-street parking are;

• Structured ‘High St’ parking encourages increased custom for certain businesses;
• Well-organised parking arrangements in a Town Centre can encourage more people to visit;
• Dangerous parking, on bends and next to junctions, can be restricted
• Locations where demand is high provides revenue for more sophisticated parking control systems e.g. Pay and Display.
• Attractive parking schemes with adjacent landscaping, can create a calmed environment.
• Higher influx of traffic and inconsiderate parking often impacts on local residents in adjacent roads;
• High parking demand may cause congestion as cars wait for a space to come available
• Occasionally there are potential safety issues with drivers manoeuvring in and out of spaces.

Some important issues, not to be underestimated:
• Any signing and lining used should be simple and easy to understand;
• The cost of increased enforcement if parking restrictions are to be effective;
• The provision and location of disabled user bays
• The impact of future development proposals.
If your business is experiencing problems relating to Parking and Highway issues, contact us by phone or email. See our website for background information.




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