Highways Agency use Stilwell’s proven Tracked Roundabout technique to deal with notorious accident blackspot

8 04 2011

It will come as no surprise to drivers using the Elmbridge Court roundabout on the A40 in Gloucester, particularly those who have suffered one of the countless minor accidents there over the years, that it has been branded one of Gloucestershire’s worst accident hotspot. See This is Gloucestershire from October 26, 2010.
The Highway Agency, who are responsible for the UK’s Trunk Road system, have decided that the most suitable solution is the Tracked Roundabout technique. This was first developed and pioneered in the UK in 1995 by The Stilwell Partnership on the A30 in Surrey and has been widely used ever since. If correctly applied, this technique has been proven to:
• Dramatically reduce road collisions and resulting injuries
• Significantly reduce delays for road users
• Increase the capacity of the junction to take more traffic
• Is low cost with an immediate return on investment

There has been great interest from the United States to adapt this technique for their congested urban highways. We will be shortly making available a documentary video, made at the time, on our website. We believe that there are countless international applications for this technique with a corresponding impact on improve road safety.

The Stilwell Partnership continues to pioneer innovative measures to improve road safety. Look at our website for details of our latest initiative.




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