“Signing the Way” – getting to grips with traffic sign design, implementation and use

14 12 2011

Government recognises the amount of money poor signage costs Local Authorities and the inconvenience and frustration it causes road users. “Signing the Way” is the Governments latest policy review paper on the design and implementation of traffic signs.

It allows Local Authorities more freedom to adapt to local circumstances and issues, encourages a common sense approach to the design and implementation of signage. Six overall recommendations have been set out:

  • Provide more flexibility for local traffic authorities – The Government intends to produce a less prescriptive Traffic Sign Regulations and General Directions, where signage can be designed depending on local circumstances.
  • Reduce traffic signing on the road network – too much signing can be a hindrance. The Government intends to regulate against or discourage the use of unnecessary signage.
  • Deliver effective enforcement – The Government intends to streamline lengthy procedures for implementing Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) and make it more understandable to the public.
  • Traffic signs for all road users – the Government intends to increase the use of signage which supports sustainable modes, such as electric cars, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Provide road users with better information – The Government intends to make further use of Active Traffic Management (ASM), Variable Message Signs (VSM) and Variable Speed Limit (VSL)
  • Develop local solutions built on local knowledge – local politics is often a major issue in the design and implementation of traffic signs and the public often feel that they are not properly involved in the decision making process. The Government intends to provide guidance on making the consultation process clearer, relevant and more targeted.

The Stilwell Partnership has undertaken many projects to rationalise and consolidate traffic orders and signing, resolving confusing and ambiguous situations for the road user.

Contact us for details of how these services can save your authority time and money.




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