A new housing development aims to set new standards for sustainable development and village style living

12 06 2014

A primary school, 1,000 new homes and a riverside park could be built on the site of a former quarry in Walton if plans for a new village community are agreed. Proposals for the site, which is currently used for commercial storage and grazing horses, have been unveiled by developer Bonnar Allan.

Drake Park, will contain 1,000 homes, with 500 affordable and 500 to be sold privately. The homes, set within 147 acres of landscaped parkland, would be a range of one and two-bedroom flats, three and four-bedroom townhouses, three and four-bedroom semi-detached houses and four and five-bedroom detached houses.

The village creates a pleasant, open environment for all with a continuing habitat for wildlife and designed where one can safely walk or cycle, catch the bus or train and minimise the use of the motorcar. It also includes a riverside walkway, open grasslands habitat and picnic facilities

Project Team members, The Stilwell Partnership Consulting Engineers, have been responsible for bringing together all the technical elements. This included dealing with Ecology, the Geotechnical issues, Highway Engineering, Sustainable Drainage, Renewable and Low Carbon Energy to ensure the development achieves its sustainability aspirations.

The proposed development uses the full spectrum of sustainable design techniques to achieve low carbon living, providing low energy costs to future residents and enhancing the local environment.

The overall design aims to enhance the local environment through the provision of green spaces, wildlife habitats and biodiversity features, and the improvement of the river corridor. As the lake, river and copse remain unchanged, the ecologist has confirmed that there will be no negative impact on the indigenous or migratory wildlife.

The engineers have integrated sustainable transport principles into the infrastructure design to cater for all road users; pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users, car owners and service vehicles. The location benefits from existing transport networks (buses to Kingston, Walton and Esher trains to London, Esher, Weybridge, Woking and Guildford) and the design and location of new civic amenities means that within the village most people can access shopping, education, medical, recreation and leisure amenities on foot.

In addition, sustainable urban drainage techniques have been incorporated to contain the surface water run-off on the site and not disturb the hydrology of the surrounding area.

The construction of the buildings shall aspire to achieve Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes and include Lifetime Homes, exceeding that usually required by the Planning Authorities or Building Regulations. These codes set wide-ranging standards including consideration of energy efficiency, water conservation, use of sustainable and recycled construction materials, and local ecology.

The CO2 emissions arising from the development’s energy use will be significantly reduced by a range of measures. The highly insulated buildings, incorporating the latest energy efficiency measures and A+ appliances fitted as standard will all contribute towards reducing the carbon impact of the site. This will be further reduced by the application of low carbon and renewable energy technologies, such as combined heat and power, biomass, hydro, PV and solar panels. The adopted sustainable energy solution for the site will incorporate the technologies that achieve maximum utilisation and CO2 savings performance.

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