FIVE ways to resolve Highways Objections to Planning Applications

12 05 2015

Developers, Architects and Planners: Solutions to your Highway problems


1. Transportation Assessment

Establish the development’s traffic impact with a Transportation Assessment (TA). An early TA can avoid expensive and time consuming delays later in the planning process. Taking account of the location and local planning policy, the TA considers the impact of the development’s traffic generation and parking upon on the local highway network.

2. Resolve sight line problems on the site access roads.

Many areas that were previously covered by rigorous design guidelines may now be developed using the relaxed design standards of Manual for Streets 2. MfS2 makes more efficient and effective use of land by reducing road widths and allowing shared accesses. It also improves the appearance of a development with techniques such as less signing and white lining, and the integration of street furniture, resulting over in less street clutter.

 3. Swept Path Analysis

Ensure fire tenders and refuse vehicles can safely access and manoeuvre around the development. Analysis using Autotrack software can simulate the turning circles and swept paths of a range of vehicles to find the most practical and cost effective solution.

4. Travel Plan

Produce a sustainable Travel Plan for users of the development. A Travel Plan aims to reduce dependence on the car by promoting sustainable alternatives. Based on the Transportation Assessment, the Travel Plan includes measures to encourage use of local public transport, pedestrian and cycling facilities. It may include innovative sustainable measures such as the Car Club initiative.

5. Road Safety Audit

Consider a Road Safety Audit. If the development involved  new or improved access to the public highway, many local authorities will insist on a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit. This identifies the potential road safety hazards that may arise from the improvement and recommend measures to resolve them.

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