EIGHT things you should know about Flood Risk Assessments (FRA)

14 05 2015

flood-sign with webiste 2

1. Local Authorities will often want a drainage report even if the proposed development is not in a flood plain, just to confirm that the site is not at risk of flooding.

2. On its own, a FRA is only half the story, the Local Authority may want to know your strategy for dealing with foul and surface water drainage from the site.

3. Assessment of Surface Water Runoff (Sur1) is mandatory for the Code of Sustainable Homes. In addition, up to TWO extra credits are available for Flood Risk (Sur2)

4. The flood information on the Environmental Agency website is only indicative. The EA will charge for detailed and specific level information.

5. The EA flood information is often based on aerial surveys. These may be completely out of date or with insufficient detail to reflect the actual local situation.

6. Developing a solution to drainage and flooding issues will as a minimum require:

– A topographical survey of your site including levels
– A search of local public sewer records
– Flood information from the Environment Agency

7. To progress an engineering design solution further is likely to require a geographical survey with groundwater information and soakage tests. In extreme circumstances for very complex sites, flood route modelling may also be necessary.

8. There are many ways to enable building developments to take plan in the flood plain. An experienced and competent consulting engineer should be able to quickly identify and advise if a low cost, feasible solution is available that would be acceptable to the Environment Agency and the Local Authority.

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