Changes to Road Safety Audits.

18 05 2015


Publication of HD 19/15 ‘Road Safety Audit’.

The revised requirements and advice document (DMRB Volume 5, Section 2, Part 2) for Road Safety Audit (RSA) on the motorway and trunk road network in England, Northern Ireland and Wales was published on 31st March 2015. This document is of particular importance to project sponsors, designers and road safety auditors as it introduces a number of changes to the previous revision (HD 19/03). Be aware that all road safety audits commissioned after the publication date must be in accordance with the revised version.

Key changes are listed below:

Incorporation of IAN 152/11 which mandates the requirement for at least one member of the road safety audit team to hold a certificate of competency in Road Safety Audit issued by a Highways England approved provider.

Improved guidance on which schemes require road safety audits and what is a ‘like for like’ replacement.

Clearer requirements for the RSA brief with the inclusion of a template document.

Clarification of acceptable CPD for RSA teams.

Recommendation that site visits, in particular for Stage 3 RSA, have a maximum of six individuals present.

Where it is formally agreed with a Highways England specialist advisor, schemes that will not impact on road user behavior can be excluded for the RSA process without requiring a departure from standards.

Streamlining the Stage 4 collision monitoring process – where no collisions are recorded, the project sponsor can now waive the requirement to produce a audit report.

Specific requirements for when Stage 4 RSA site visits are necessary and confirmation that RSA team must have the same experience as for all other stages of audit.

Clearer guidance on the RSA process, roles and responsibilities through the inclusion of flow charts and improved wording.

A new section detailing the requirements for developer-led and third party schemes, ensuring project sponsors have oversight of the process. The Stage 1 RSA must be complete before planning consent is applied for.

The introduction of road safety audit response reports which formalise the designer’s response process.

Greater clarity on the exceptions report process and recognition of the importance of GD 04/12 when developing decisions for exceptions reports.

It is now mandatory requirement to send all finalised road safety audit reports, response reports and exception reports to the inbox.

For further information and advice please contact the document owner Nico Bentall at      

Call the Stilwell Partnership for your road safety audit requirements.

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