Engineering Design Services

15 09 2015

For the Public Highway, Junction Improvements and Estate Roads


In relation to Highways, Junction Improvements and Estate Road Design, The Stilwell Partnership offers our clients a total procurement service from planning application through to project management of the construction project.


  • Development of the access design solution for the site
  • Autotrack analysis of the vehicle access movements
  • Site 3D ground modelling and profiling
  • The horizontal and vertical alignment geometry of the highway


  • Production of the Civil Engineering Detailed Engineering Drawings, Construction Specification and Bill of Quantities
  • Project Management of the Tendering, selection and appointment of the contractor
  • Coordinating the utility service diversions
  • Providing site attendance for supervision and administration of the contract


Negotiation and implementation of the formal Highways & Drainage legal agreements, such as

  • Section 104 Drainage Agreement
  • Section 278 and 38 Highway Agreements

road-design4Building Information Management (BIM)

The Stilwell Partnership has direct experience of using BIM procedures and software as an integral part of the design and construction services provided by our practice.




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