Cycle-in office with ramp

8 10 2015


The Stilwell Partnership is pleased to be associated with London’s first “cycle-in office” in Finsbury Square, London.

To achieve planning consent for the owners of historic Triton Court we provided a Transport Statement, a Travel Plan and a Service Management Plan.

Project architects Dickon Hayward and Studio RHE set to renovate a set of office buildings in London’s financial district which aims to achieve the ultimate in cycle friendly facilities. This enables cyclists to come right into the centre of the workplace without dismounting. A central ramp takes the cyclist to a basement with parking for 250 bikes and relaxation facilities including a basketball court.

In a recent interview Hayward said “We think cycling is an important value, and wanted to create a building that believes in that value, so to speak” he also added “The way and where, people want to work is changing, and architecture needs to adapt to that”

The building is intended to connect Tech City with The City, attracting workers from both areas.

A Transport Statement is a simplified Transport Assessment used to cover the small scale development where the traffic impact is limited.

A Travel Plan is an integrated package of measures designed to encourage uptake of more sustainable modes of transport among employees, visitors and suppliers of an organisation or location.

A Service Management Plan gives a framework to make sure that freight vehicle activity to and from the building is working effectively. This will help organisations to manage deliveries reducing the number of trips, identify where safe and legal loading can take place.

The designers hope that there pioneering development will be repeated at other key sites throughout the city.




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