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  • CHP Feasibility Calculator

Can Combined Heat & Power help you cut the carbon emissions of your development or project? The Free Stilwell CHP feasibility calculator has been used literally hundreds of times since its launch in June 2009. It can quickly establish if CHP is a feasible option to reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions.

Learn more by following this link to our Technical Bulletin No7.

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  • The Sightline-Calculator©

Providing adequate visibility for a new access or junction can take large areas of valuable development land. Calculating sightlines for highways accesses can be time consuming and complicated.

The Sightline-Calculator© provides a quick way through the complex analytical formulae and Design guidance. It enables an architect, planner or developer to quickly establish an indication of the required landtake for the access road junction with the public highway.

Learn more by following this link to our Technical Bulletin No6.

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4 responses

25 03 2010

Additional Embedded Carbon in Biomass. We frequently carry out ENE7 feasibility studies as an independent energy specialist in connection with the Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment.

Increasingly (driven by the proposed FITs scheme for renewable heat) Biomass systems are being considered for a range of new developments. Often these are domestic size, automatically fed, heating and hot water systems. These systems can only operate on specially processed wood pellets

It is recognised that there is additional embedded carbon associated with the processing and transport of these pellets. But how much?

Manufacturers don’t volunteer the embedded carbon in the fuel pellets they produce.

We have some research which came up with some surprising results. Embedded carbon can vary from 2% (a figure often used) to as much as 20%.

If you are concerned about your system, contact the Partnership to assess how much CO2 your Biomass system is really saving.

2 03 2010

One of the users of the CHP feasibility calculator wondered what the boiler efficiency slide bar is referring to.

This is especially relevant if you are replacing an old hot water boiler with a CHP system. The calculator gives you the opportunity to compare the “delivered heat” in the system from the modern CHP unit with a boiler of lower overall efficiency.

Generally it is suggested to select an average efficiency of 80% for provisional calculations

22 02 2010

Some users have commented about the carbon savings provided by the CHP feasibility calculator. Just before the Calculator was launched in early 2009, the Carbon Trust issued the following revised conversion factors in an update:

• Elect 0.146 kgC/kWh
• Gas 0.05045 kgC/kWh

If you wish to convert the carbon factors into carbon dioxide (ie kgCO2/kWh), multiply the figure by 44 and divide by 12

12 02 2010

I find the chp feasibility calculator really useful if I have to achieve a certain carbon saving result. Just vary the sliders until I am in the right ball park and then refine the outcome to suit my project.

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