Road Safety

We continue to pioneer measures to improve road safety for all, by good design and by improved training for road users. Our active involvement in road safety was recently recognised by the AIRSO – Association of Road safety Officers with the “2009 Award for Outstanding Contribution”.

Our previous road safety success stories included the introduction of Tracked Roundabouts. In 1990, we developed and introduced the first tracked roundabout in the UK. This made use of spiral white road markings to take vehicles through a roundabout safely, minimising the number of conflicting traffic movements. This technique has been widely copied and adopted throughout the country to improve road safety and reduce delay.

Nick Stilwell is a member of the Road Environment Working Party for PACTS – Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety and, a Fellow of AIRSO where he holds the Road Safety Engineering and Sustainability Portfolio on the Road Safety Group.


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9 03 2011
2010 in review « The Stilwell Partnership Blog

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17 12 2009
Ian Kemeys

Road Safety is one of those subjects that perhaps you only think about when something happens to someone close. My son having an accident in July, writing off a car but escaping unhurt but with his 18 year old pride somewhat battered, only served to make me yet more cautious and worried. The series of “what ifs” that followed in my own mind made me realise how lucky he was, on the one hand, but how, on the other, he might not be so lucky again. Tonight in the sleet I wanted him to be more cautious but he, you could sense, wanted to drive just that little bit faster. I can only say I’m looking forward to him reaching his 25th birthday when, according to the statistics, he becomes a lower risk driver. 2015 can’t come soon enough.

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